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I have string like below

str = "type=\"text/xsl\" href=\"http://skdjf.sdjhshf/CDA0000=.xsl\""
str = "href=\"http://skdjf.sdjhshf/CDA0000=.xsl\" type=\"text/xsl\""

I need to extract the values like

 type -> text/xsl
 href -> http://skdjf.sdjhshf/CDA0000=.xsl

Here is my regular expression that fails.

 #this works in second case

 #this works in first case

In failure cases the whole string is matched.

Any idea?

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It looks like you are parsing XML. Generally it is a good idea to use a library designed for that purpose. Is there a particular reason you can't or won't do that? – John Watts Oct 25 '12 at 10:36
Yes. I am using Nokogiri. But Nokogiri only gives string for stylsheet nodes. So that only I am looking for regular expression. – soundar Oct 25 '12 at 10:40
Nokogiri does everything, not only css. – oldergod Oct 25 '12 at 10:41
@oldergod Could you please take a look at this question. So that you can understand the problem.… – soundar Oct 25 '12 at 10:44
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Agree with John Watts comment. Use something like nokogiri to parse XML - it is a breeze. If you still want to stick with regex parsing you could do something like:

str.split(' ').map{ |part| part.match( /(.+)="(.+)"/ )[1..2] }

and you will get results as below:

> str = "type=\"text/xsl\" href=\"http://skdjf.sdjhshf/CDA0000=.xsl\""
 => "type=\"text/xsl\" href=\"http://skdjf.sdjhshf/CDA0000=.xsl\"" 

> str2 = "href=\"http://skdjf.sdjhshf/CDA0000=.xsl\" type=\"text/xsl\""
 => "href=\"http://skdjf.sdjhshf/CDA0000=.xsl\" type=\"text/xsl\"" 

> str.split(' ').map{ |part| part.match( /(.+)="(.+)"/ )[1..2] }
 => [["type", "text/xsl"], ["href", "http://skdjf.sdjhshf/CDA0000=.xsl"]] 

> str2.split(' ').map{ |part| part.match( /(.+)="(.+)"/ )[1..2] }
 => [["href", "http://skdjf.sdjhshf/CDA0000=.xsl"], ["type", "text/xsl"]] 

that you can put in a hash or wherever wou want to have it.

With nokogiri you can get hold of a node and then do something like node['href'] in your case. Probably much easier.

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I solved this by…. Thanks for the quick reply. – soundar Oct 25 '12 at 11:50

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