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will a jms call in a finally block of a doPost will affect the perfomance..the response is written in try block and flushed. After that in finally a jms call is being made..whether response will be delivered before jms call?

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It depends on whether the Servlet container is buffering the response. It usually does, so it can evaluate Content-Length and set that response header for you. But anything called in a finally block generally must be called, so worrying about its performance or timeliness is completely irrelevant. You don't have the choice.

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whether response will be delivered before jms call?

Until finally blobk is executed, the control doesn't return from method.

But, it's depends on may criterias that what will happen first, such as:

  1. Network traffic

  2. System performance

  3. OS scheduling (may be)

  4. ...

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