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I have two domain classes named IpPatient,Ward as shown below.

class IpPatient {
  String ipRegNo
  Ward ward

  static constraints = {
    ward nullable:true
    ipRegNo nullable:false

class Ward
  String name;

  static constraints = {
    name nullable:true

now i would like to create criteria like

def criteria=IpPatient.createCriteria()
return criteria.list(max:max , offset:offset) {
  createAlias('ward', 'ward', CriteriaSpecification.LEFT_JOIN)

At present IpPatient table has 13 records, where 8 records of IpPatient doesn't have ward because ward can be null.

when i sort with wardName i am getting 5 records those contain ward.

I need a criteria to get all the elements after i make sort on nullable inner object.

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You may not be looking for an HQL-based approach, but this should do the trick:

IpPatient.findAll("from IpPatient as i left outer join i.ward as w order by asc")
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I need Criteria @Andrew, not Hql-based approach. – JamesKarty Oct 26 '12 at 9:24

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