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I want my buttons twice as big when iPhone 5 launches on screen, is there a way to do this using the interface builder? Or do I have to do this pragmatically?

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You can have two views in the sabe xib (one with iPhone 4S screen and another with iPhone 5 screen) and load the properly view with a bit of code. –  user1617119 Oct 25 '12 at 12:20

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I don't think there is such a solution in Interface Builder. Pragmatically is the option for you.

But why do you need it?


You can manage spacing by View submenu in Show and Size Inspector (Option / Alt-Command-5). See Autosizing and example windows next to it.

enter image description here

Here are Apple's docs regarding this topic (point 8.f): Xcode Quick Start Guide - UI

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looks a bit off when comparing 3.5 inch screen to 4 inch screen. There seems to be a lot of spacing. The only problem is I want to use an image for buttons as well. –  Murch Micb Oct 25 '12 at 13:28

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