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I'm trying to parse a huge xml document (describing 3d model) with GdataxmlNode objective-c library.

Here is a sample of XML that blocks me :

    <effect name="Love_Love-fx" id="Love_Love-fx">
            <newparam sid="sexy-surface">
                <surface type="2D">

My objective :

  1. get the effect name (*Love_Love-fx*) : works perfect

  2. get the content of init_from (sexy) : doesn't work at all

Here is how I parse it :

xmlGetData = [xmlDoc.rootElement elementsForName:@"library_effects"];   

//Effects infos
int eff_c;
NSMutableArray *eff_ids = [[NSMutableArray alloc] init];  //effect names
NSMutableArray *eff_src = [[NSMutableArray alloc] init];  //efects sources

for (GDataXMLElement *e in xmlGetData)
    eff_c = [[e elementsForName:@"effect"]count];        
    NSArray *eff_node  = [e elementsForName:@"effect"];
    for (int i = 0; i < eff_c; i++)
        //get the effect name (id & name are the same)
        [eff_ids addObject:[[eff_node objectAtIndex:i]attributeForName:@"id"]];
        //get the content of init_from
        [eff_src addObject:[[eff_node objectAtIndex:i]elementForName:@"init_from"]];

My problem : I have a SIGABRT on last line ([eff_src addObject.........) so I don't manage to get the content of "init_from"

(because [[eff_node objectAtIndex:i]elementForName:@"init_from"]] returns Nil. ?)

Could someone help me please? (Is there any clear & complete documentation ? I only saw blog post explaining a part of it)

Disgusting solution : Using [[[[[[eff_node objectAtIndex:i]childAtIndex:0]childAtIndex:0]childAtIndex:0]childAtIndex:0]stri‌​ngValue];

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eff_node is the XML node effect. My guess is that the elementForName: method does not work recursively and is returning nil because init_from is not an immediate child of effect.

Either that, or you have effects in your XML that do not have init_from nodes contained within them.

Basically, you can't add nil to an NSMutableArray so you need to test both of your addObject: parameters for nil e.g.

id idAttr = [[eff_node objectAtIndex:i]attributeForName:@"id"];
if (idAttr != nil)
    [eff_ids addObject:idAttr];
GDataXMLElement* initFrom = [[eff_node objectAtIndex:i]elementForName:@"init_from"];
if (initFrom != nil)
    [eff_src addObject: initFrom];

Note also that the line

NSArray *eff_node  = [[NSArray alloc] init];

is unnecessarily instantiating an empty array and in manual reference counting world is a memory leak.

I've just been looking at the GDataXML API and it is a) undocumented (in the sense that they couldn't be arsed to write documentation, not the sense of a private API) and b) limited.

The method you are using does not do a recursive search, so you have two options, either implement your own recursive search or use the XPath API. The fillowing should get the nodes you want:

 NSError* myError = nil;
 NSArray* initFromNodes = [[eff_node objectAtIndex: i] nodesForXPath: @"//init_from" error: &myError]; 

The //part of the XPath means "any number of levels down the tree"

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using your GDataXMLElement* initFrom = [[eff_node objectAtIndex:i]elementForName:@"init_from"]; give me initFrom=nil so same problem :x (I didn't add the if() because I need all those info in any cases) – IggY Oct 25 '12 at 11:36
@IggY You need the if because you cannot put nil into an NSArray. That's what causes your SIGABRT. You are either getting nil because the elementForName: method doesn't search recursively or because you have elements without init_from sub nodes. – JeremyP Oct 25 '12 at 12:09
Ok I got why I need the if, sorry it was stupid ^^ However, init_from is ALWAYS =nil :x So How can I bypass the fact that elementForName isn't recursive ? – IggY Oct 25 '12 at 12:12
the only way I found for now is making : GDataXMLElement* initFrom = [[[[[[eff_node objectAtIndex:i]childAtIndex:0]childAtIndex:0]childAtIndex:0]childAtIndex:0]stri‌​ngValue]; but is really disgusting :s – IggY Oct 25 '12 at 12:26
@IggY yes, I've been looking at the code for GDataXML and it seems pretty poor to me in that the functionality is limited and the API is not documented at all. There is a method to do a search for an XPath though. I will edit the answer to show this. – JeremyP Oct 25 '12 at 12:30

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