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I have a directory which is having many files and folders(some are hidden). I tried the below commands for creating ISO: cd /path/of/content/dir/ && mkisofs -o /path/of/iso/file.iso * [In this case it is leaving hidden dirs]


cd /path/of/content/dir/ && mkisofs -o /path/of/iso/file.iso ./{*,.[^.]*} [In this case ISO is building with completely unexpected structure]

Please help?

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replace the italicized sections with your CD label and directory, of course:

mkisofs -V LABEL -r DIRECTORY | gzip > cdrom.iso.gz
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The below worked for me just fine:

mkisofs -allow-leading-dots -o /tmp/test.iso ./
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Thanks for reply, but it is giving unexpected wrong result. I found that dir names and many file names has changed automatically. –  vips Oct 26 '12 at 9:54

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