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I have a excel worksheet (.xls). I need to convert it into sql script. The single excel worksheet consists of multiple tables. So the resultant script should have multiple create table and insert statements. I tried various tools such as but I am unable to get a proper solution. Any other way I can do it?

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AFAIK MS SQL Server provides some functions to load excel sheets into a database: – muehlbau Oct 25 '12 at 11:18
i saw this link before but its quite complicated and i am unable to get through it.. i need a simple solution for it – user1402867 Oct 25 '12 at 11:20

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I noticed your comment that using the import wizard was more complicated of a solution than you wanted, so you must be trying to load data.

You can try BULK INSERT:

First, do a SAVE AS on each sheet and convert them to CSV files. You should have one CSV file for each sheet you want to import.

Next, make a table with the similar data types and length that you'll be bringing in. A typical Excel cell is a VARCHAR(255), (probably more like NVARCHAR(255) if you want to be specific, but we'll avoid unicode for this solution).

So, if your excel sheet had 5 columns:

(Column1 VARCHAR(255)
, Column2 VARCHAR(255)
, Column3 VARCHAR(255)
, Column4 VARCHAR(255)
, Column5 VARCHAR(255)

Then you can write a simple bulk insert to the table PROVIDED you have the file on network share or local the to server/machine where the SQL instance is. For example, if you had the file on your machine and wanted to try and push to a server out on the network, SQL would think the C:\ in the script below was on the server and not your machine. You would have to share a folder and access it over the network: \\MyMachineName\SharedFolder\Sheet1.csv

BULK INSERT dbo.Sheet1
FROM 'C:\LocalFolder\WhereTheFileIs\Sheet1.csv'

This should get the data into that table provided the same number of columns exist in the file and table.

It's not pretty, but it's simple. The BULK INSERT is a tried and true method of basic and quick loading.

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There is also a simple method to group insert from Excell: simply if your data is in columns B,C and D in sepearate column create formula: ="insert into values('" &B1 &"','" & C1 & "','"&D1&"')

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