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In my CMake script I want to see if I have a file on my system, and if it is there do something with it, otherwise do something with a default file. Here is the code:


if(NOT ${${project_name}_${customer}_config} STREQUAL
   ${project_name}_${customer}_config-NOTFOUND )

But it seems, this is not working.

What is the proper way of checking if a file exists in CMake?

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The proper way to check if a file exists, if you already know the full path name to the file is simply:

if(EXISTS "${ROOT}/configuration/${customer}/configuration.${project_name}.xml")
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You should be able to just use

if(NOT ${project_name}_${customer}_config)

From the docs:


True if the constant is 1, ON, YES, TRUE, Y, or a non-zero number. False if the constant is 0, OFF, NO, FALSE, N, IGNORE, "", or ends in the suffix '-NOTFOUND'.

However, if the file is found using find_file, the value is cached, and subsequent runs of CMake will not try to find it again. To force a recheck on every run, before the find_file call do:

unset(${project_name}_${customer}_config CACHE)
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