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I want to read all bytes in file A, subtract 0x80 from each byte, and write the results to file B.

Here's some pseudocode:

    open file A for reading
    open file B for writing

    loop until EOF:
        x = next byte from file A
        x = x - 0x80;
        write x to file B

   close file A
   close file B

How can this be done in node.js using the asynchronous file system functions?

I gave it a shot, but gave up when my code got half a dozen levels deep with callbacks and exception handling. Please teach me clean asynchronous programming. :)

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Use the stream interface to the file system to do this cleanly. See here for the basic concept. – JohnnyHK Oct 25 '12 at 13:06

"but gave up when my code got half a dozen levels deep with callbacks and exception handling"...

that's called "callback hell", and it is inherent to async programming.

Possible solutions:

You can use wait.for, a very simple lib I've developed recently, to program sequentially (as in your pseudocode) avoiding callback hell. check:

You can also google "nodejs promises", and "nodejs async lib", but consider that promises and async libs add complexity in order to ease the pain of callback hell (they also provide a lot of functionality, but, at the expense of adding new concepts and more complexity).

Note: In the specific case of your example, core node 'fs' module- - makes an exception to "nothing should block in node" and eases callback hell by providing two versions of almost every function, one standard async and another one blocking *Sync.

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