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can somebody tell me how can I add a MSSQL driver dependence to a Play 2 App?

I have this settings working...


Edited: I know that in the file project/Build.scala must be the statement for this with a line like this:

val appDependencies = Seq(
"" % "" % ""

But I don't know how must be filled these strings and I would like know that to be able to add any dependence type.

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Unfortunately, it seems that there are on repositories with the MSSQL JDBC drivers.

In this case, the correct, most reliable solution would be to put the .jars in the lib folder, this is what SBT calls "unmanaged dependency folder". Since there isn't a central place for this driver I'd also commit this jar along with the rest of the project in VCS.

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Thanks Pedro it´s pretty clear.. –  cespinoza Oct 25 '12 at 19:51

You don't need to write anything in project/Build.scala

  1. Download and save Microsoft's driver (probably sqljdbc4.jar) in the lib folder (if you didn't it yet).
  2. Configure connection in the application.conf (sample working for me with Azure)

    # don't forget to uncomment that line: 

And that's all. Anyway I remember that I had some problems with Ebean 2.7.3 (default in Play 2.0.4) so I went with 2.7.5. Now it works.

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