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How to count values in a multiset? I have a dataset and i want to write a function for a frequency table. So that i now which abnormalities are present in my data. The data is an array and looks like this:

             GSM288217   GSM288219 GSM288221
ch1_500001   NA          NA        NA       
ch1_1500001  "Imbalance" "Balance" "Balance"
ch1_2500001  "Imbalance" "Balance" "Balance"
ch1_3500001  "Imbalance" "LOH"     "Balance"
ch1_4500001  "Imbalance" "LOH"     "Balance"
ch1_5500001  "Imbalance" "LOH"     "Balance"
ch1_6500001  "Imbalance" "LOH"     "Balance"
ch1_7500001  "Imbalance" "LOH"     "Balance"
ch1_8500001  "Imbalance" "LOH"     "Balance"
ch1_9500001  "Imbalance" "LOH"     "Balance"
ch1_10500001 "Imbalance" "LOH"     "Balance"
ch1_11500001 "Imbalance" "LOH"     "Balance"
ch1_12500001 "Imbalance" "LOH"     "Balance"
ch1_13500001 "Imbalance" "LOH"     "Balance"
ch1_14500001 "Imbalance" "LOH"     "Balance"
ch1_15500001 "Imbalance" "LOH"     "Balance"
ch1_16500001 "Imbalance" "LOH"     "Balance"
ch1_17500001 "Imbalance" "LOH"     "Balance"
ch1_18500001 "Imbalance" "LOH"     "Balance"
ch1_19500001 "Imbalance" "LOH"     "Balance"

Now i want the function to check per ROW how much a certain abnormality is present in the data. I started with:

detection<- function(abnormality) {
  if(assayDataElement(abnormality, 1)=="LOH")#TRUE & FALSE?? Need frequency


So every time there is LOH present on the rows of the data it should give the numbers of LOH present in that row.

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I guess you need

length(which(assayDataElement(abnormality, 1)=="LOH"))

or for each row individually:

count <- function(x,what) length(which(x==what));
apply(assayDataElement(abnormality, 1),1,count,"LOH");
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Something like that indeed, but it should do this per row and not for the entire data. – Sanshine Oct 25 '12 at 12:36
Thanks man :) works perfect – Sanshine Oct 25 '12 at 12:47

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