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In a column of my DataTable are null values. When I create a DataView on this table, I would like filter out the null values. How do I do this?

I got my code working like this:

//get the cities and a view on the data
DataTable dtPlaatsen = client.getCities();
DataView dvPlaatsen = dtPlaatsen.DefaultView;

// filter and sort the view
dvPlaatsen.RowFilter= "Isnull(Plaatsnaam,'Null Column') <> 'Null Column'"; 
dvPlaatsen.Sort = "Plaatsnaam";

//attach the view as datasource
ddlCities.DataSource = dvPlaatsen;
ddlCities.DataTextField = "Plaatsnaam"; //the field to display to the user
ddlCities.DataValueField = "PlaatsId"; //the field which is send


ddlCities.SelectedIndex = 50;
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use your dataview rowfilter –  dansasu11 Oct 25 '12 at 12:45

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try something like this before the sort but whatever filter you wanna do, use the dataview row filter

          dvPlaatsen.RowFilter = "Plaatsnaam <> null"
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Try the following

Isnull(Plaatsnaam, 'Null Column') != 'Null Column'

I just modified an accepted answer from a related thread here. Of course if it works you should thank Michael Kjörling for the assistance.

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