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Does anyone know of a way to implement multiple checkstyle configurations at the same time within Eclipse?

So, to be clear -we already have the checkstyle plugin installed and configured. We have standard checks already implemented (remotely, on a corporate level). We'd like to add to the checks that are already configured. Unfortunately, the current checks are uneditable. Is there a way to implement a second configuration?

As far as I can figure out, it seems like you can only implement a single configuration at a time. Hopefully, I'm wrong.

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You can do that. Go to Window → Preferences → Checkstyle to add your own Checkstyle configuration.

Next, right-click your Eclipse project → Properties → Checkstyle. On the Main tab, uncheck Use Simple Configuration and click Add to add you new Checkstyle configuration. Be sure to use the same File Set for both configurations.

Now all files are checked with the rules from both configurations.

(I assumed "the checkstyle plugin" to be eclipse-cs.)

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