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I just installed apc (lates stable / latest beta), phpinfo() shows the apc-module. If I do a symfony cc I get the message " The apc extension must be loaded for using this backend ! "

I put this in my app's configuration Class:

public function configureDoctrine(Doctrine_Manager $manager)
  $manager->setAttribute(Doctrine::ATTR_QUERY_CACHE, new Doctrine_Cache_Apc());

and this in my php.ini:


It worked fine on my development-system but does not on the web-server. What's the cause of this problem?

PHP-Version: PHP 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.4 with Suhosin-Patch (cli) (built: Sep 12 2012 18:59:41) Copyright (c) 1997-2012 The PHP Group Zend Engine v2.3.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2012 Zend Technologies

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OK, got it. I needed to add "extension=apc.so" to the php.ini for the comand-line (/etc/php5/cli/php.ini), too.

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How to load the same extension for Windows 8 with Wamp Server. I have set extension but not loaded. –  AshwinP Feb 4 '14 at 6:47

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