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Each plugin in munin has some configuration settings and one of them is the category it belongs to (graph_category).

I would like to change the category of some plugins to the non-default one. As I see in the munin.conf man page, I can change specific directives for plugins per host like this:

    address localhost
    load.graph_title Edited title of the load-graph

Now I tried the same with the ping plugin and the graph_category instead of the graph_title as shows this example, but I can't get it to work.

I have a machine pinging different hosts with different meaning, so I would like to group them in different categories for easy access.

for example:

ping_192.168.1.1    <- category: lan connectivity
ping_192.168.1.2    <- category: lan connectivity
ping_10.0.0.10      <- category: intranet connectivity
ping_10.0.0.20      <- category: intranet connectivity <- category: internet connectivity

UPDATE: I tried the same with another plugin and it worked. I suspect it's something with the periods included in the domain or IP address of the ping plugin name.

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I just found the solution after reading the following ticket:

When a plugin name contain dots, these dots must be replaced with an underscore. So the solution to the example in my question will work like this:

    address localhost
    ping_192_168_1_1.graph_category lan connectivity
    ping_192_168_1_2.graph_category lan connectivity
    ping_10_0_0_10.graph_category intranet connectivity
    ping_10_0_0_20.graph_category intranet connectivity
    ping_www_google_com.graph_category internet connectivity
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