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Following this post Factory Girl

If you can’t upgrade to Ruby 1.9 and Rails 3, you can continue to use factory_girl_rails version 1.x and FactoryGirl 2.x; those will continue to support Ruby 1.8.7+ and Rails 2.3.9+.

I am trying to set up factory girl into Rails 2.3.14 with Ruby 1.8.7 but still cant bundle:

Bundler could not find compatible versions for gem "rails":
  In Gemfile:
    factory_girl_rails (= 1.0.0) ruby depends on
      rails (>= 3.0.0.beta4) ruby

    rails (2.3.14)


source :rubygems
source ""
gem "rails", "2.3.14"
gem "rspec", "1.2.6"
gem "rspec-rails", "1.2.6"
gem "factory_girl_rails", "1.0.0"

Any help is welcome.

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I was trying to do the same setup as you, but factory_girl_rails depends on Rails 3 since version 1.0 according to the dependencies section in

Your Gemfile should look like this:

source :rubygems
group :development, :test do
  gem "factory_girl", "2.6.4"
  gem "rspec", "1.3.2", :require => false
  gem "rspec-rails", "1.3.4", :require => false

group :test do
  gem "capybara", "1.1.1"
  gem "cucumber-rails", "0.3.2"
  gem "database_cleaner"
  gem 'email_spec'

What factory_girl_rails do, basically, is to set the fixture_replacement option (I don't think exist in Rails 2.3), the factories paths and setup the generators.

I guess we'll have to adapt the code in here to make it work for Rails 2.3 by tweaking Rspec and Cucumber config files.

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you could try change your Gemfile this:
source :rubygems
source ""

for this
source ''

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