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I'm using BO XI 3 and wanted to know if is possible to open an InfoView folder using an OpenDocument link?

For example, every item in InfoView has a CUID. So to open a web intelligence report I could do the following:


Folders in InfoView also have a CUID, so is it possible to link to them using this method to take a user straight into the folder? Whenever I try I get an error message (An error has occurred: An error occurred while trying to view the document), is there a way around this?

I'm guessing the answer will be "OpenDocument is for opening documents, not folders". Thought I'd ask anyway...

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I don't believe so, for this reason: the openDocument.jsp/.aspx command is really just running an object, so it's expecting either a report object, or an instance (in .rpt .pdf .rtf .xls, etc) that it can either render or open in another application. Although a folder is a legitimate object w/ a CUID, it isn't something you "run/view" - rather it is something you browse.

Cheers! Stefan


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