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Is it possible to get an offline type access_token(oauth2.0) from the account manager in android? I will explain why i need this,

i am going to retrieve the auth token from the account manager and use it on the server side for future use. So i want the refreshing of the token to happen at the server side itself without getting it again from the account manager. For this, i need a refresh token. I read that t refresh tokens can be obtained only for "offline" type. Refer . But account manager returns only "online" tokens and no refresh token. Also look at

When your application requests offline access, the consent page shown to a user will reflect that your application requests offline access and your application will receive an access and a refresh token. Once your application has a refresh token, it may obtain a new access token at any time.

When your application requests online access, your application will only receive an access token. No refresh token will be returned. This means that a user must be present in order for your application to obtain a new access token.

in the above link. Whenever I request for new token from account manager after the token expires, I don't get any user consent screen. So I think the account manager actually requests for offline tokens and retains the refresh tokens to itself using it to give us new tokens.

My question is How can i get an offline type access_token from account manager. Please help me.

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Hi, have you solved it? – vandzi Mar 26 '13 at 12:44

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