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I'm wondering how difficult it would be to be to modify a WiFi router to send out custom waveforms. Specifically I would like to try to use a router as a radar, sending out frequency modulated pulses specified in my software.

I'm not very familiar with the inner workings of routers. Is it possible to send different waveforms by modifying the software or is everything controlled by the embedded hardware?

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Almost impossible. There are lots of obvious hurdles:

1) Not enough power - the average access point's ERP is 200mW, and range in free-space is about 100m

2) Access points typically have omnidirectional antennae, sometimes built-in. Unless you have range-finding applications in mind, you'll need to scan a uni-directional antenna.

3) None of the 802.11 standards use frequency modulation, however the radio hardware is often programmable, but never publicly documented. the inner workings of Wifi chipsets are usually a trade secret.

There are so many easier ways to generate RADAR waveforms (remember: the first RADARs were developed in the late 1930's) - it's pretty low tech stuff by modern standards.

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Recent research suggest that it is in fact possible:



Although they are quite vague on the tools used to implement this.

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First let me state that i am no expert, but i'd imagine that it would depend on what kind of radar, the range you're wanting, and what you're wanting to measure, my understanding is that to operate 2.4Ghz without a licence in the united states the power has to be under 2000mW, and you're not going to get much resolution or range out of that, of clouds, with a single emitter(though theoretically you could have a blanket of small emitters, each reading their own and other's reflections creating better resolution, and radar that cant be defeated by "flying low". i dont know of any AP's that have an output power above 600mW but i do know of wifi cards and amplifiers, and i'll list some at the bottom

I have no idea what you're wanting to do with this radar, if you are wanting to modify an existing AP to act as a stand alone doppler radar then you're going to have some big hurdles, you're probably going to need a chip that runs in the multi-Ghz(to get decent accuracy) and you'll definitely need highly directional antennas

the easiest method would be range finding, say a high altitude model rocket or fast RC plane, but that would require a client on the object you're trying to range, having firmware that reports the range from the base(as a backup for telemetry) while it also sends telemetry and maybe FPV and control inputs would be helpful, and theoretically allow for NLOS flying, i've operated a full speed wifi N network at just under 4 miles both ends with 1000mW amplifiers and directional high gain antennas but o'd immagine that the amplifiers would distort any useful radar information so you'd probably need a single unit

my amplifiers

my wifi cards

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