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I'm a beginner. I installed linux mint in my vmware 9. 1. when I turn on the machine, it will play a sound when enter the user name step, but when I log, no sound any more. 2.I want to share files from my host win8 to guest mint, I add the share files foler in the vmware mint setting, and when I log in, I open the computer->Network, I can't access my host, then I find somewhere says use the host-only network, then I change my mint network setting in vmware from Bridge to Host-only, thankslly, I can access my host folder, but no sound, and can't surf the web.
when I change my network to Bridge, then I can surf, but can't access host, still no sound, Can anyone help me?

p.s. I'm a beginner in linux, I know nothing about Terminal commond, so I just use the VMware setting to change settings.

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Well i think you should at first install the VMware tools (VM -> Install VMware Tools, when Mint runs), if you haven't done yet. They are mounted on a virtual CD, which pops up after Mint has started. Then you have to extract the package on the CD, open the terminal, cd into the directory of extraction and finally put in

sudo ./vmware-install.pl

This should normally solve any issues concerning sound and resolution. For the network (and internet) I think you should choose NAT, since it will share the connection with your host.

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