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I'm trying to inject typed object into service class but getting

    com.google.inject.ConfigurationException: Guice configuration errors:

1) No implementation for com.bookpac.utils.appserver.ILookup<com.bookpac.server.common.IWS> was bound.
  while locating com.bookpac.utils.appserver.ILookup<com.bookpac.server.common.IWS>
    for parameter 0 at com.bookpac.server.LookupService.<init>(LookupService.java:13)
  while locating com.bookpac.server.LookupService

Field to be injected is ILookup<IWS> lookup, binding is bind(ILookup.class).toProvider(LookupProvider.class)

When using @Provides annotation everything works fine, any ideas ?

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When you use generic types you need to use a TypeLiteral like :

bind(new TypeLiteral<ILookup<IWS>>(){}).toProvider(LookupProvider.class);

From the documentation :

Java doesn't yet provide a way to represent generic types, so this class does.

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