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I have a series of round objects defined as follows:

local myBalloon = display.newImageRect("images/cracker.png", 20, 20);
myBalloon.x = Random(50, _W-50);
myBalloon.y = (-10);
myBalloon.isSleepingAllowed = false;    
physics.addBody(myBalloon, "dynamic", {density=3.0, friction=1.0, bounce=0.0, radius=9});

I then have a single moveable oject defined as such:

local threeWay = display.newImageRect("images/3way.png", 80, 43);
threeWay.x = (display.contentWidth / 2);
threeWay.y = (display.contentHeight -15);
threeWay.myName = "threeway"
pentagonShape = { -40,-5, 0,-22, 40,-5, 35,20, -35,20 }
physics.addBody(threeWay, "static", {density=4.0, friction=1.7, bounce=0.0, shape=pentagonShape});

I also have collision detection set up for the round objects like so:

function myBalloon:collision(e)
if (timeLeft ~= false) then
    if (playerReady == true) then
        if (e.phase == "ended") then
            if ( e.other.myName == "threeway" ) then

The collision work for the most part, but sometimes the round objects will land on the moveable objects and roll down for a little bit before being taken care of by the collision detection.

How do I provide a more instantaneous effect for the collision? Do the attributes of the objects need to be different so there is more "force" on the collision?

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Put "isSensor" as "true" on the baloon, this way it will trigger your collision function without bumping, rolling, etc...


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I added this and I still get the rolling behavior. – user1247395 Oct 26 '12 at 18:08
the baloon can ignore other things? – speeder Oct 29 '12 at 15:14
I figured it our. I was looking at the e.phase and doing the remove on "ended". I changed this to "began" and got the behavior I needed. It did not end up being the "isSensor" that fixed me up, but your last comment gave me the nudge to look at the collision event differently. Thanks speeder. – user1247395 Oct 30 '12 at 13:27

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