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I want to put a label next to an icon so user can better understand what is this clickable icon for.
This icon appear in the HeaderControl of a com.smartgwt.client.widgets.Window

String promptNewThing = "Add some thing";
String imgNewThingText = "../servlet/servletOperation?cmd=Icon&time=" + System.currentTimeMillis() + "&text=" + promptNewThing;
HeaderIcon iconNewThing = new HeaderIcon("buttons/new.png");
HeaderIcon iconNewThingLabel = new HeaderIcon(imgNewThingText);
newThing = new HeaderControl(iconNewThing, clickHandlerNewThing);
newThingLabel = new HeaderControl(iconNewThingLabel, clickHandlerNewThing);

setHeaderControls(HeaderControls.HEADER_LABEL, NewThing, NewThingLabel, HeaderControls.MINIMIZE_BUTTON, HeaderControls.MAXIMIZE_BUTTON, HeaderControls.CLOSE_BUTTON);

For information : In this code, Servlet URL return an image made from the text promptNewThing
But iconNewThingLabel is an Icon which has the width of an Icon, too small.

The result of this code : Result with icon from text is to small The small white square we can see between first Icon is newThingLabel.

Is there a way to add a label at the right of an HeaderIcon ?

For example I would to have something like :

Icon and Label

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Hello Manu I have done the same thing as you have done. The only change is instead of adding HeaderIcon (iconNewThingLabel in your case - if it's representing the text), I have used a com.smartgwt.client.widgets.Label & added that as a headerControl. Code snippet is as follows:

Label label = new Label("test header");
setHeaderControls(HeaderControls.HEADER_LABEL, NewThing, label, HeaderControls.MINIMIZE_BUTTON, HeaderControls.MAXIMIZE_BUTTON, HeaderControls.CLOSE_BUTTON);

Let me know if this helps you.

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Sometime solution is so simple... Thanks ! I have add the clickHandler on the Label too and it works ! –  Manu Oct 26 '12 at 8:23
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