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When using Sortable.create I can't seem to get the element that is being dragged. Does Sciptaculous not fully implement all Draggable and Droppable features when you use sortable?


Sortable.create("sortArea", {scroll:window, onChange:orderLi});

function orderLi(){
    console.log(this.draggables.each(function(e){if(e.dragging==true){return e};}));

My console always shows all the array of draggables. How do I only grab the one that is being dragged?

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The onChange function actually gets a handle to the element passed in.

Sortable.create("sortArea", {scroll:window, onChange:orderLi});

function orderLi(elementBeingDragged){
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When I do that it reports the container in the console not the element I'm dragging. –  Tom Sep 29 '09 at 20:12

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