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I have an asp web page(login.aspx) that uses a master page (

I need to set focus to an asp:textbox(TextBox1) that is inside an asp:Panel(Panel1) on Login.aspx

I want to set focus to TextBox1 on an asp:Button click event (or page load on login.aspx for testing, I've tried both).

I have tried the following solutions with no success:

  • Page.SetFocus(TextBox1.ClientID);
  • Page.SetFocus(TextBox1);
  • Page.SetFocus(TextBox1.ClientID)
  • TextBox1.Focus();
  • TextBox Test = (TextBox)Panel1.FindControl("TextBox1");
  • Test.Focus();
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When using ASP.NET AJAX I use the ScriptManager to set focus...

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