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I have a viewstate and eventvalidation token that I am trying to pass in with my app.

The issue I am running into is that I am passing this info in:

string.Format("__EVENTTARGET=&__EVENTARGUMENT=&__LASTFOCUS=&__VIEWSTATE={0}&__EVENTVALIDATION={1}&{2}", viewstate, eventvalidation, request)

eventvalidation has a plus sign in it (+) which is causing a cat of the string, instead of displaying the literal character. Any ideas how I can prevent this from happening?

Here is my code to do the request:

WebRequest req = WebRequest.Create(url);
//Here Request is working properly; the EVENTVALIDATION token has the + sign in it.
byte[] send = Encoding.Default.GetBytes(request);
// I think after I convert it to byte[], it is doing something bad to the EVENTVALIDATION token.
req.Method = "POST";
req.ContentType = "application/x-www-form-urlencoded";
req.ContentLength = send.Length;

Stream sout = req.GetRequestStream();
sout.Write(send, 0, send.Length);

WebResponse res = req.GetResponse();
StreamReader sr = new StreamReader(res.GetResponseStream());
string returnvalue = sr.ReadToEnd();

return returnvalue;
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Use String.Concat()

           viewstate,"&__EVENTVALIDATION=", eventvalidation,"&", request);  
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Still running into the same issue, the EVENTVALIDATION is: blahblahblahblah+blahblahblahblah and its coming over as blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah –  Sugitime Oct 25 '12 at 16:02
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I used Uri.EscapeDataString and this did the trick!

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Try using an HTMLEncode to take away the +. Are you placing this in a HiddenField?

String.Format("__EVENTTARGET=&__EVENTARGUMENT=&__LASTFOCUS=&__VIEWSTATE={0}&__EVENTVALIDATION={1}&{2}", Server.HtmlEncode(viewstate), Server.HtmlEncode(eventvalidation), Server.HtmlEncode(request)))


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Doing an HTML encode did not resolve the issue either. the EVENTVALIDATION should be: /wEWCgLovI7yCgLWx/zfCALd4faqDQLLnOKMCQKU84j8BQL36/XRCwL36/HRCwLchKvhBQKEj7DKBgLB‌​nObwCxuhlgMcSF3Z9F+V882ftSalMi3s But it is coming through as: /wEWCgLovI7yCgLWx/zfCALd4faqDQLLnOKMCQKU84j8BQL36/XRCwL36/HRCwLchKvhBQKEj7DKBgLB‌​nObwCxuhlgMcSF3Z9F V882ftSalMi3s (notice the space vs the plus sign), even with HTML Encoding. –  Sugitime Oct 25 '12 at 16:51

HttpUtility.UrlEncode will encode the values correctly for your specified content type. See this answer for more specifics.

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