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This is basically the opposite of this: How to do a paged QueryDSL query with Spring JPA?

This is for a custom query for which i can't use any of the findAll() methods.


Posted the wrong link. Now corrected.

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You can do somethings like this: But make sure to trim the o.getProperty() so you only pass the property and not "alias."+property

    if (pageable != null) {
                for (Sort.Order o : pageable.getSort()) {
                    PathBuilder orderByExpression = new PathBuilder(Object.class, "object");

                    query.orderBy(new OrderSpecifier(o.isAscending() ? com.mysema.query.types.Order.ASC
                            : com.mysema.query.types.Order.DESC, orderByExpression.get(o.getProperty())));

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marked as answer as my question was answered and I came to the same solution except using MyClass.class instead of Object.class. However how do i do this in a generic way, eg MyClass is actually <T extends MyClass>? –  beginner_ Oct 27 '12 at 14:49
You should reuse the orderByExpression, since it is a common parent for the order by children. Also the name is misleading, since the children are the actual "order by expressions". –  Timo Westkämper Oct 29 '12 at 7:12

I don't know if it is still relevant but there is an implementation in the spring data jpa for doing the conversion between a data.domain.Sort (Spring JPA) Object to an OrderSpecifier (QueryDSL).

GIT Source of Querydsl Support in Spring JPA

It is really ugly implementation but you could still reuse it for your own purpose as the method is private:

public JPQLQuery applySorting(Sort sort, JPQLQuery query)

But if you use Spring data JPA, in your custom Repository implementation, you just need to do:

public Page<MyObject> findAll(Predicate predicate, Pageable pageable) {

    QMyObject myObject = QMyObject.myObject;
    JPQLQuery jPQLQuery = from(myObject)
    jPQLQuery = getQuerydsl().applyPagination(pageable, jPQLQuery);
    List<MyObject> myObjectList = jPQLQuery.list(myObject);
    long count =  jPQLQuery.count();
    Page<MyObject> myObjectPage = new PageImpl<MyObject>(myObjectList, pageable, count);
    return myObjectPage;  

Hope it could help!

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