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It is a strange bug and the site works perfectly in all browsers expect for this issue in Safari (testing in version 5.1.7 ) . Here is the link to my site.


If you click on the plus symbol to open up the widget area, you can see the issue I am talking about. The text and the divs go out of place until a resize event on the window which gets it normal. I also noticed that the issue occurs only with my news letter and social media widgets. I tried out other widgets and had it work normally. Would appreciate some assistance here, disappointed with this bug after months of hard work building a theme.

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Found a solution. slideToggle() was causing the issue. Added a wrapper to the div that was toggled and used a custom slidefadeToggle function. A weird bug, because it was working great in all other browsers and of all I thought safari would be the least of my worries. Thanks to everyone who took time to look into the issue –  user1774864 Oct 25 '12 at 18:43
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