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I want to apply a function, either one that I have written, or one from a package such as the gArea function (e.g. gArea('shapefile')) from the rgeos package, across a list of shapefiles that I have imported.

I imported the files like this:

data <- list.files (getwd() , pattern="shp") 

I have tried using methods using functions such as lapply etc once I have tried amalgamating the files by using as.list, as.data.frame etc but with no luck. Functions applied to single imported shapefiles work fine, but obviously no good for serioues throughput.


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You could try something like this:

sapply(lapply(list.files(pattern="*.shp"), readShapePoly), gArea)
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Thanks, thats given me a great starting point –  Nick Crouch Oct 25 '12 at 18:24
Is there a thread that deals with how to bring in the names of the shapefiles in into the list? –  Nick Crouch Oct 25 '12 at 21:39
you could do something like this: cbind(list.files(pattern="*.shp"), sapply(lapply(list.files(pattern="*.shp"), readShapePoly), gArea)) –  rengis Oct 25 '12 at 21:44

In the line of @jmsigner's answer, I would use ldply from the plyr package:


shp_paths = list.files(pattern = "shp")
shp_files = llply(shp_paths, readShapePoly)
areas = ldply(shp_files, gArea)

I believe that ldply also includes the shapefile names in the resulting areas data.frame. In addition, plyr functions include a builtin progress bar (see .progress), and can parallelized easily.

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