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I am using ActiveMQ on a cluster of computers to send messages between java processes.

The cluster has a shared NFS mount accessible from all hosts.

I am running into problems with the following scenario:

  • host A creates a new file "/path/to/shared/nfs/xyz"
  • host A sends a message to host B: "process /path/to/shared/nfs/xyz"
  • host B receives the message, attempts to open the file
  • host B fails because NFS client has not yet noticed that a new file was previously created on A (race condition between ActiveMQ and the NFS protocol)

My solution is to add a loop into all message receivers that would wait up to 1 minute for the NFS to realize a new file was added.

This solution however seems unclean. What would be a good way of solving this? Do you know of any enterprise integration design patterns that apply?

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i assume the file is too big to send via jms? how big is it? –  Martin Serrano Oct 26 '12 at 1:54
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another thought is to just have host B be a file polling consumer that picks up anything that is placed in "/path/to/shared/nfs/xyz" and processes it...that way you don't need any messaging from A to B to initiated it, just the presence of the file.

you can do still easily using something like Apache Camel's file component...

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this is nice. that way their is only one protocol being used and no race condition. –  Martin Serrano Oct 27 '12 at 0:04
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