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So i've a simple div that when hovered will change its background as defined in my css:


I've tried to test this behavior with jasmine but tests keep failing:

it "Shadows .soboo-drop-item when hover", ->

Expected 'rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)' to be '#F2F2F2'

Running $('.my-class:first').trigger('mouseover') on console seems not working - background color doesn't change.

Note: Hover JQuery behaviors do respond to $('#something').trigger('mouseover')

Im using Jasminerice, which includes Jasmine-JQuery

Jasmine-JQuery has a method to test css:

expect($('.my-class:first')).toHaveCss({"background-color": "#F2F2F2"})

which gives me:

Expected '<div class="soboo-service my-class"
src="http://localhost:3000/img/bookmark-services/google.gif"> Google
Book...</div>' to have css { background-color : '#F2F2F2' }

How to check this background? Thanks in advance =)

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I did the following:

overed = $($('.my-class:first').trigger('mouseover').html())
expect(overed).toHaveCss({"background-color": "#F2F2F2"})
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-1 are better explained :) –  apneadiving Jan 9 '14 at 14:16

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