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I'm using iOS 6 simulator with the shiny new Web Inspector in Safari.

Question: Is it possible to automatically load the Web Inspector when the iOS 6 web application loads?

I'm using PhoneGap/Cordova and have a lot of javascript loading on startup. I use console.log() extensively for debugging and would like it to load Web Inspector once the application starts.

Currently when I hit Run on Xcode, the app loads and I setTimeout on my first function so I can rush over to Safari and attach the Web Inspector on that page.

I'd much prefer to remove this step and add an automated step that would load the Web Inspector directly.

Any other solutions?

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There is an Applescript available to do this.

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It's mid-2014 and there's still no elegant solution to this that I know of, but I like the idea of adding a short pause with setTimeout to your app's init code. If adding a setTimeout call isn't possible, you can also issue window.location.reload() from the Safari console to restart your application with the benefit of full debugging.

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