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I have a div

<div class="blue>;

The class blue is:

    .blue {
          background-color: blue;

Now I know I can set the background color of the div in the console using:

      $0.style.backgroundColor = "#ffcc00"

But what if I want to get the value of the background color for that element using the console?

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You can do :

var blue = document.getElementsByClassName('blue')[0];


or you do:

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i hope you noticed the console executes javascript and no special command syntax –  pfried Oct 25 '12 at 18:08

It's possible you may want computed style:

var style = getComputedStyle(document.body, null); // Gets the style for a passed element and optional pseudo selecter (eg. :hover)

It's important to note that computed style is the rendered result. If you have multiple rules for the same element, this will only display the ones that have been applied.

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