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I created an Android project from terminal because when I create it inside Eclipse there's a problem with the R.java file, which is not created. I think I bypassed the problem creating the project from terminal. I want to know if there's a way to import it in Eclipse and work with it as a normal Android project created inside the IDE. Thank you!

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In Eclipse to File -> import select android--> existing code into workspace find the root folder of that project, select then check the project and follow the steps. It will be imported to Eclipse.

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When I try to import the project I set the folder created (es. MyFirstApp) as root folder. But it says me that no projects are found to import. –  Amk Oct 25 '12 at 23:35
After choosing the root folder, in the next window. You need to check the project you want to import. or do Projects->Select All.Then remember to UNCHECK both "Copy projects into workspace" and "Add project to working sets" –  fangmobile.com Oct 26 '12 at 4:00
But there's nothing to select xD –  Amk Oct 26 '12 at 10:32

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