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I am a newbie in shell scripting . I wish to search whether a string contains 'CI' in middle no matter what length it is.The letters may appear any where and the length can be variable. ALso I wish to use this as a conditional switch For a shell script .So any command which can be used inside IF to determine whether a string contains this.Appreciate help as this gives insight of how to use this.

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not regex but works with POSIX sh (more portable)

case "$FOO" in
    # do something

regex sh

if expr "$FOO" : '.*CI' >/dev/null; then 
    # do something

if echo "$FOO" | grep 'CI' >/dev/null; then
    # do something

not regex with many shells (bash ksh)

if [[ $FOO = *CI* ]]; then
    # do something

regex bash specific

if [[ $FOO =~ CI ]]; then
    # do something
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You could use

echo $FOO | grep CI

I guess.

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