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I have a static folder with images in an AWS Server and I need to create (and update) a sprite image every time when I send a Image to the server(via FTP), and save it's positions in JSON to send to a web service. Actually, I load these images with Ajax called with Jquery in a Django Project, who works usually in Internet Explorer and because this, it loads slowly and some imagens dont load always, and the user need to refresh the page. Anyone have a suggestion how to create the sprite?

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Why don't you directly store the sprite as a static asset on AWS S3? If you really need to create a sprite from single images on the client side then use something like Spritely

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I dont want to make a effect, I want to load a gallery of images in a uniform time, but it usually dont load all the images or load one fast, another slow and so wait. – Júlio Griebeler Oct 25 '12 at 18:53

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