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When I try log in to Google Analytics in Chrome, the page doesn't load. Very odd. I just get what you see here:

enter image description here

I've never experienced it before recently, and it works on the same computer with Safari, but for about a week now it hasn't worked on Chrome. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Which version of Chrome are you running? –  condit Oct 25 '12 at 18:55

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Likely an ad blocking plugin that had its ad database updated.

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This really helped, thanks! –  Art May 20 '13 at 21:32

I know this question is old but I thought I'd add my answer.

For me it was adblocker on chrome. Click the hand in the red octagon next to your address bar. Go to options and click "show adds on web or domain", add the the domain https://www.google.com/analytics/ and that should fix it.

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Did exactly that and it worked. Thanks. –  Neolisk May 22 '13 at 14:52

Clear your cache and disable any plugins that might be interfering.

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My problem was that google analytics wasn't collecting data from some users using browsers like Chrome and Firefox, and also when the users were active on my website, google's Real Time Reporting didn't work.

I found out that the users were using browser plugins like: AdBlock or disconnect.me wich were blocking the data collection.

I hope this helps someone because google brought me here while I was searching the internet for a solution to my problem. And with some bits from here and some bits from there I managed to figure out what my problem was. Thanks.

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This doesn't the question of why a page doesn't load. –  Olly Cruickshank Feb 12 at 12:27

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