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I am trying to execute test cases. So following code written in my build script.

cpanm TAP::Formatter::JUnit
prove --formatter TAP::Formatter::JUnit -lr t > testresults.xml

calling this build script from jenkins and added Post-build Actions. I am getting following error.

 **prove --formatter TAP::Formatter::JUnit -lr t
Can't load TAP::Formatter::JUnit at /var/local/maria/hudson/workspace/pigeon-build/target/bin/prove line 11**.
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You can try using TAP::Harness:JUnit instead, this is how we run it from jenkins, we have jenkins call a script that looks like this:

$harness = TAP::Harness::JUnit->new( xmlfile => 'output.xml' );

@tests = qw( t/test1.t t/test2.t ... );
$aggregator = $harness->runtests(@tests);

if(scalar($aggregator->failed())) {
    exit 1;
} else {
    exit 0;
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