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i have two web site domain1.com and domain2.com user come in domain1.com and i authenticate

it and create authenticate cookie ,is it possible to share this cookie by domain2.com,for

example when user Soto domain2.com is authenticated because it authenticated in domain1.com?

is it possible?
I'm looking for a simple way and these domains are not 
a sub domains they are two separate site

notice i don't want use sql server url parameter or other ways

thanks all

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Absolutely. Hopefully both sites share the same username database or it is replicated so that you can secure and access content by using the HttpContext.User.Identity.Name.

Anyways, basically you need to update your web.config <authentication> section to be exactly the same between the two sites. This means your machine key, decryption key, algorithm....everything.

Here is the MSDN article with the full directions on how to proceed to share authentication across several applications

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This is possible using <authentication> and <machineKey> in your web config.

Machine Key Contains a decrytion key and validation key. This must be the same in both web configs.

 validationKey="6FA5B7DB89076816248243B8FD7336CCA360DAF8" />

Auhentication This must be in both web configs but the values are specific to the application.

<authentication mode="Forms">
  <forms name=".ASPXFORMSAUTH" 
         timeout="1000" />
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