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I've got an in-proc COM server (dll, built in MSVC10), which is used in a C# client. One of the interfaces is defined like this:

    uuid(some guid),
    helpstring("IDerived Interface"),
interface IDerived : IBase{

The co-class implements both IDerived and IBase (and some other interfaces):

    uuid(some guid),
    helpstring("SomeClass Class"),
coclass SomeClass
    [default] interface IDerived;
    interface IBase;
    // etc.

The co-class is apartment-threaded. When an MTA client thread acquires IDerived and tries to call any of its methods (inherited from IBase), it crashes somewhere in proxy/stub. In STA it works well, so I believe IDerived is not marshalled correctly. On the other hand, if I QI IBase explicitly or if I add a method to IDerived, everything works well.

Why the empty IDerived is not marshalled correctly?

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