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I have a C# assembly foo.exe that I'm trying to dissasemble, modify and reassemble. The exe references a bunch of other assemblies, uses xaml for UI and has some managed and some unmanaged resources.

After my attempt at a decompilation roundtrip the application crashes during startup with an error like this:

The component 'Fu' does not have a resource identified by the URI '/Bar;component/baz.xaml'.

What does that mean exactly and what might I have done wrong?

In my naive attempt to perform the roundtrip, this i what I did:

> ildasm.exe /out=foo.exe.il foo.exe

This produced an .il file, one .res file and some .resource files. I proceeded to modify the il. Next I tried assembling the exe again like this:

> ilasm.exe /output=foo.exe /resource=afile.res /exe foo.exe.il
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Update: The modification I performed was removal of the public key (to remove strong name signing). After poking around in the resource files I noticed that the baml files contains references to the publickey. Trying to remove this reference I got stuck again. I would like to convert the .resource file to a .resx file, but resgen fobo.resource fobo.resx produces the error: Message: "Item named 'resources/img.png' of type 'System.IO .PinnedBufferMemoryStream' cannot be added to the resource file because it is not serializable." Ideas anyone? –  4ZM Oct 26 '12 at 8:46
Have you tried Mono Cecil? I believe it supports modifying existing assemblies, but I'm not sure how well does it work with resources. –  svick Oct 27 '12 at 11:25

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