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I have a plugin that is exporting an entity to another system. Currently it is running as the current user, and for some roles I'm getting this error:

SecLib::CheckPrivilege failed. 
User: f64a1945-f91d-e211-a13b-0050569d79dd, 
PrivilegeName: prvReadAttribute, 
PrivilegeId: b8caea5d-f379-4295-aa59-38adeb73e853, 
Required Depth: Basic, BusinessUnitId: 9cc1eec6-2f1d-e211-ac61-005056870017

and for others it works just fine, but I have been unable to determine what rights have to be required... The option set is a global option set if that makes a difference.

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These situations can be a little tricky, fortunately the error message (almost always) gives you the information you require.

In this case you are missing Read on 'Field' (under the customisations tab).

I knew this because, I opened this MSDN article: Security Role UI to Privilege Mapping.

And did a search for prvReadAttribute.

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