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Is this:

Button.Click -= new EventHandler(Button_Click);

the same as this:

Button.Click -= Button_Click;

I ask because to me it seems that the former is removing a new reference to a method, and the latter one is removing a method itself. But then again, maybe the new EventHandler part is implicit in the += or -= overload in case the programmer doesn't explicitly assign it like that?

In case it is different how about

Button.Click -= new EventHandler(Button_Click);


Button.Click -= Button_Click;


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It is the same. The second is merely syntactic sugar for the first, and equality comparison is overloaded appropriately for delegate types:

Two delegates of the same type with the same targets, methods, and invocation lists are considered equal.

Source: MSDN, Delegate.Equality Operator

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Thanks for the answer. –  Carlo Aug 20 '09 at 17:19

The end result is the same. The compiler is inferring the type of delegate automatically and as a result the new operator is not required to create it.

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