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I always get "500 error " whenever I try to create a pull request on my fork in github, I just keep on trying it, at some point the page loads(it is . Is there any update or something that I have to do.?

My fork is uptodate with the branch I forked from. No clue how to fix it.

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down voter, care to comment?? –  user1229441 Dec 4 at 4:17

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I was having the same issue -- going to https://github.com/[your account]/[repository]/pull/new and creating a PR from that page worked for me.

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Update: After notifying Github support about this, they investigated and pushed a fix. –  stillJOE Jun 17 at 19:16

I guess the url for 500 error was like https://github.com/[your account]/[repository]/pull/new/[branch].

You can avoid 500 error by accessing via a URL like https://github.com/[your account]/[repository]/pull/new, then you can choose a branch to send pull request from and to.

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