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I am trying to use a web service in iOS to replicate the functionality of this form. I am running into a problem though. Anytime I send a post to it, I get an error saying

<title>410 Gone</title>
/prod/bwckschd.p_get_crse_unsechas been permanently removed from this server.</p>

When I goto this page and select Spring 2013, it takes me to this page. The problem is, the page 2 only loads if you went through page one to get there. How does the website know whether you went through there or not? I dug around and found it sends a POST request with the value p_calling_proc=bwckschd.p_disp_dyn_sched and p_term=201320(for spring 2013). When I send page2 this POST command I get the same results as if I just visited page 2 without visiting page 1: "/prod/bwckgens.p_proc_term_datehas been permanently removed from this server." I then thought I should behave more like a web browser and initially send a GET request to page one. When I receive a response, I should send a POST request with the aforementioned data filled in. When I do this, I still get the same error. Is there something I am not taking into account? All I want to do is send GET/POST requests so I can get a list of the classes being offered.

The second page basically sends a POST request to this page with the following variables: term_in=201320&sel_subj=CS&sel_day=dummy&sel_schd=dummy&sel_insm=dummy&sel_camp=dummy&sel_levl=dummy&sel_sess=dummy&sel_instr=dummy&sel_ptrm=dummy&sel_attr=dummy

Can someone help me figure out how to replicate this behavior? I know very little about web development and feel like I am missing a key point here which is hindering me from finishing this app. Thanks.

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Most likely the first page sets a cookie that the second page checks.

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I don't see this in the HTML code though. How can I be sure? – kamran619 Oct 25 '12 at 20:29
A cookie is not part of the HTML. it's part of the HTTP header. If you look at the response headers (for example, in firebug, or with curl -v '') for the first page, you can see a cookie being set. It's impossible to know what the server does with that cookie without having access to the server-side code, but that's a typical usage of cookies. – ykaganovich Oct 25 '12 at 20:54

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