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So, I made a little game, you are a smiley face that shoots little inverted color type of himself, but anyway, there are multiple issues that I deal with the x and y variable of where the bullet appears. I have been changing, compiling, FAIL, changing, compiling FAIL. I want to find a way to change variables while i'm running the program. I'm using eclipse, and I would prefer to keep it that way, but if I must, I will download another compiler.

Thank you, Wesley Laferriere

EDIT: Ok, so now I realize that what Im asking, I could have just decided to implement a little code to change a variable at the press of a button, and a JLabel to display them. I hand the credit to the educated commenters down below... THANKS

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Can you post a small piece of code that shows us what you have tried and what you want to do? – Keppil Oct 25 '12 at 20:31
Do you want a Theoretical Answer to this? Is it a subjective question? Please post some code where you are using it. – Rohit Jain Oct 25 '12 at 20:32
And the error messages too, please. – Hitham S. AlQadheeb Oct 25 '12 at 20:32
Give more information please – PbxMan Oct 25 '12 at 20:32
By the way Eclipse is not a compiler, it's an IDE. Whether you choose Eclipse, Netbeans or any other IDE, the compiler is always Java (JDK). – ADTC Oct 25 '12 at 20:51
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If you're using Eclipse you can always run the program in debug mode, but if it's a constantly-refreshing game then this may prove problematic.

In that case, you could add Listeners to your program, either through some button or field in your UI, or via the console, which will allow you to change any given variable within your program.

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Ok, thanks for the Listeners Idea. – user1766728 Nov 2 '12 at 6:10

when hitting F5, you can use the debug mode of eclipse. you can set breakpoints by doubleclicking left of the codeline you want to inspect. in debug mode, the program will halt at these breakpoint and lets you see the values of the variables.

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But how do I change a varible? Example? – user1766728 Oct 25 '12 at 20:37
Where do I type stuff? – user1766728 Oct 25 '12 at 20:40
please see the link provided in the comments: stackoverflow.com/questions/801193/… – devsnd Oct 25 '12 at 20:44

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