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I've been trying to get node.js installed on my home PC for a while now with no luck. I've tried different versions for the past couple months and no matter what I try it starts rolling back the install at "Creating shortcuts" and it fails to install. I created an install log for anyone who wants to look at it and take a stab at helping me solve the problem. Thanks!


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Windows Installer is reporting that it's installed even though it's been rolled back.

Run msiexec /x {29552F29-7FE9-441F-BC56-E6B591587A59}

Where the above guid is the ProductCode value from your log.

If that doesn't work and you have access to Orca.exe from the Windows SDK, you may be able to modify WixSchedInternetShortcuts to a false condition and install successfully. To do that, install Orca, then right click on the node.js msi file and choose 'Edit with Orca' then:

  1. Highlight InstallExecuteSequence under "Tables" on the left.
  2. Find WixSchedInternetShortcuts in the right
  3. Double-click the Condition cell and change VersionNT > 400 to 0
  4. Go to File -> Save
  5. Run the installer again

After installing this version, you should be able to cleanly remove it via Add/remove programs and install another version without modifying the msi file.

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first suggestion didn't work, gonna try the second suggestion here once I get Orca installed. –  derekaug Oct 25 '12 at 21:38
second method worked, I installed it after editing it, and then did a remove from add/remove and tried an unmodified installer but the unmodified did the same thing it was doing so I just used the modified installer to install it and will deal with it. Thanks. –  derekaug Oct 25 '12 at 22:14
No problem. I tried 0.8.12 and 0.8.13 in Windows 7 x64 and Windows 8 x64, both of which worked. It could be a permissions thing preventing the installer from writing to your AppData folder. –  Jim Schubert Oct 26 '12 at 1:06

Had the same problem. Solution 1 provided by Jim Schubert did not fix it. I then used Orca to edit the installation file. Changing the VersionNT condition also did not fix it for me. I then just dropped the rows from WixSchedInternetShortcuts and it installed successfully. I guess it had some problem with writing the shortcuts. I had also previously tried running msiexec as admin ("/a" option), but this didn't fix it...

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One point to be aware of (I learn it the hard way): even after having edited the installer with Orca, don't try to uncheck the checkboxes for shortcuts creation in the installer, leave them checked or it will fail with the same error message.

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All above methods do not work.

-running msiexec as admin

-msiexec /x ...

-modifying WixSchedInternetShortcuts

-dropping the row WixSchedInternetShortcuts

-even this: removing the option of creating shortcut to online documentation during the installation

Might manually fix it, you can read this help to install product and then add C:\Program Files\nodejs Path to Windows Environment variables.

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