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I followed the advice I found here on stackOverflow, and added the following to the section of my layouts/application.html.erb:

<%= favicon_link_tag '/favicon.ico' %>

favicon.ico is in my public folder I also tried to place it in the assets/images folder

I restarted the rails server (local development environment on the MAC, Rails 3.2.xxx), but I'm not seeing the favicon. Any ideas?

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Have you refreshed your browsers cache? –  slhck Oct 25 '12 at 22:05
I just did, and I can see it now. Answer it and I'll credit you with the answer. I should have known that (now I remember it was in that one stackoverflow answer, but of course I forgot to do it) –  EastsideDeveloper Oct 25 '12 at 22:14
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Three things to check:

  • Does the favicon_link_tag properly render in the HTML source of your document?

  • Does the favicon.ico URL that it renders point to a valid file, is the path wrong or do you maybe have a permissions issue with that?

  • Did you refresh your browser's cache? In most browsers, do so by holding Ctrl or Shift while reloading the website. See also: Wikipedia: Bypass your cache

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