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I am asking the following questions as I am confused...

On various sites and papers I am finding statements saying that the Kepler architecture has increased the amount of registers per thread, but on my GTX680 this does not seem to be true as the RegsPerBlock is 65536 so for 1024 threads it will be 64 regs. What am I missing?.. Will there be more registers per thread in the future?

Regards Daniel

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There are two variants of the Kepler architecture, sm_30 and sm_35. The GTX 680 card is based on the GK104 GPU which implements the sm_30 architecture. This architecture has 64 registers per thread, of which 63 are available to user code, one being a dedicated zero register. Future GK110-based parts like K20 implement the sm_35 architecture which provides 256 registers per thread, of which 255 are available to user code (one again being a dedicated zero register)

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Ok now it is clear thanks a lot –  Daniel Oct 26 '12 at 10:10

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