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I wonder if there is a way to make Camel do what I need which is as follows:

"Periodically read data from some source (let's say a file), do some processing on it and write it to some other place"

I figured out how to do all that minus the "periodically" part. I know how to trigger a route using Quartz or Timer. But when I use those the part is already taken so I can't change the body anymore.

Any advice?

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you can kick it off with timer/quartz and then use either a content enricher or a polling consumer

//using timer/pollEnrich to populate the body with the polling results

//using time/polling consumer bean for more flexibility and multiple polling
    .bean(myPollingConsumerBean, "doIt");

public static class MyPollingConsumerBean {
    public void doIt() {
      while (true) {
        String msg = consumer.receiveBody("file:inbox", 3000, String.class);
        if (msg == null) {
        producer.sendBody("file:outbox", msg);
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That worked for me. Thanks! – Matthias Hryniszak Dec 6 '12 at 23:54

You can use scheduled route policy as well

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That solution also works for me! Thanks! – Matthias Hryniszak Dec 6 '12 at 23:55

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